Time after Time
If you are looking for a mystery with a good plot, hot sex, and a deep and abiding love then Time After Time has all that and more. J.P. Bowie is a talented author but I think he may have outdone himself with this one. There were so many elements of this story that it could have easily become a jumbled mess but Mr. Bowie combined them to make a delicious story that left me salivating for more. Bedford Park holds more within its walls than just furniture and the journey to discover what Michael and Jonathan's connections to the estate. Jonathan and Michael were the perfect characters to lead the reader on this journey into the mystery surrounding Bedford Park and its inhabitants and I devoured every word and was left feeling full and satisfied.
Reviewed by: Hayley for Fallen Angels Reviews

This romantic thriller by J.P. Bowie's is a haunting page-turner. Time After Time is a cross between "Colombo" and "Howard's End," and has some great, classic elements: a romantic mystery involving star-crossed lovers and a beautiful estate with an ancient history. I was hooked into the story from page one and couldn't put it down.
Reviewed by Marame for Rainbow-Reviews

Blood Ressurection: J.P. Bowie has continued his My Vampire and I series with this action packed and fast paced story. The intricate plot line of the story and each person’s unique history brings the story to life for the reader. I was entranced by the emotional ties of each character and how they changed each other's lives with their love and caring. At the heart of this is Marcos Verano who bound them together with his strong moral beliefs and his love of life. I can’t wait for the next installment of the My Vampire and I series.
Reviewed by Theresa at Rainbow

Duet in Blood is awesome fun to read! Solid entertainment and enjoyable from start to finish
Reviewed by Lisa at Joyfully

This is a delicious tale. The lovemaking scenes have me grabbing a bottle of ice water and wiping the steam from my glasses. Mr. Bowie gives the reader such an image of Micah and Joseph that it is hard not to fall in love with them. The characters make this story more vivid with each addition. I highly recommend picking up this book.
Reviewed by Kimberly at Coffee Time Romance Reviews

Ride ‘Em Cowboy: J.P. Bowie writes for us two hot, smart and lovable characters in Royce and Parker. An excellent M/M romance and one I would suggest to any M/M genre reader. 
Reviewed by Raine at Joyfully

Ride em Cowboy is one of those books you wish wouldn't end. My heart cried.
Reviewed by Erotic Horizon

Warrior Prince: A highly enjoyable, epic romp of a tale that I inhaled in a few hours. Warrior Prince sucked me in and had me sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to discover Lucius and Callistus' fate.
Reviewed by

Under the Law: Part of Fabulous Brits Anthology. J.P. Bowie is one of those authors who bring so much to his characters that they literally jump off the pages. John and Peter are two sexy men, who unlike the stereotype use their brain to resolve most of their differences. The men are very much alike in what they want, their determination is admirable and the fact that they have made up their minds about each other from the moment they meet is an additional bonus.
Reviewed by Erotic Horizon

The Officer and the Gentleman absolutely blew me away. Mr. Bowie has created a beautiful set of characters in this story. The tenderness that Robert shows literally brought me to tears. Romantic and endearing as ever, J.P. has written yet another fantastic book.
Reviewed by Dakota Rebel

This is a wonderful and erotic story of two men who love each other and must struggle against society and a war to remain together. The author does an outstanding job of exploring the effects that amnesia has on the victim, his family, and the one person he loves above all others. J.P. Bowie does what so few m/m authors have done - made the story more about emotional love than physical passion.
Reviewed by Delane at Coffee Time Romance

Personal Trainers has wildly inventive love scenes that were wonderful. Being that this is a short story the relationships did move pretty fast. Overall, a good an enjoyable read.
Reviewed by Sandra at Night Owl Romance




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